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Z2G Series Cleanroom Window

Z2G Series Cleanroom Window CLEANROOM WINDOWS Z2G Series Cleanroom Window CLEANROOM WINDOWS


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Product Description
The Z2G Series cleanroom windows are made of double glazed tempered glass with black printed edges encased in aluminum frame. The double glazed design provide excellent thermal insulation and allows the glass to be perfectly flush to the surface of the wall panel. We utilize a strict manufacturing system to ensure that the windows are fully sealed, free from corners, ledges and gaps where particles and microbes can accumulate. The windows are available in rectangular, rectangle outside-round inside and fully rounded corners shape to provide great aesthetics. The windows can be custom made to various sizes depending on customer’s request. The windows casing are also available in stainless steel material for an even classier finish and superior durability for the more discerning customers.
Flush & Seamless Joint

The windows are designed and manufactured to stringent standards such that the glass panels are fully sealed and flush to the wall panels, eradicating any spots for dust and microbes to accumlate.
Superior Thermal Insulation

The fully sealed double glazed tempered glass panels with air insulation in the hollow space will provide excellent thermal insulation, saving HVAC energy cost and prevent water condensation on the windows.
Key Features Advantages Options Applications
  • Tempered Glass Material
  • Powder Coating Finish Frame
  • Double Glazed Flush Window
  • Excellent Air Sealing Performance
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
  • Aesthetic, Easy To Clean & Durable
  • Tempered Glass For Enhanced Safety
  • Saves HVAC Energy Cost With Good Thermal Insulation
  • Prevent Water Condensation On Windows
  • Custom Made Sizes
  • Shatter Proof Laminated Glass
  • Rectangular, Rounded Corners and Round Shape Windows
  • Flush Frame, Wrap Around Frame and Pre-installed Installations
  • Stainless Steel Frame Available

Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Food Manufacturing, Hospitals and Laboratories
Technical Specifications
Description Z2G Series Technical Specifications
Glass Material 5 mm thick Tempered Glass (Laminated Glass Optional)
Frame Depth Standard 50mm, 75mm And Custom Dimensions
Frame Material Aluminum Extrusion (Stainless Steel Frame Optional)
Window Shape Options Rectangular Rectangular Outside Round Inside Rounded Corners
Installation Methods Flush Frame Wrap Around Frame Pre-installed
Into Wall Panel
Standard Sizes 1200mm(W)
Weight 40 kg 60 kg 80 kg

Rectangle Window

Full Length Window

Rectangle Outside Round Inside

Rounded Corners Window
Flush Window Frame

The Flush Window Frame can be installed on groove edged panels wall openings during construction phase in order to achieve a perfectly flush finish between the window and the wall.
Wrap Around Frame

The Wrap Around Window Frame can be flexibly installed on panels wall opening during construction phase or in finished rooms.
Pre-installed Window

This method is utilized only for rounded corners windows which will be pre-installed into custom made wall panel and delivered to site as a complete assembly. This design also provide a perfectly flush finish between window frame and wall panel.

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